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Penguin Random House Tech Talent

About Our Tech Team


Who We Are:

We are a department of 200 people that service the largest English-language publisher in the world and its customers. Our consumer, B2B, infrastructure, data, security, and Mac/PC support teams write custom code, as well as use SaaS solutions to create and secure the hundreds of applications and networks used by the company. Ours is a culture of longevity - more than half the employees in our department have worked at Penguin Random House for 10+ years.


How We Contribute to the Big Picture:

We support book creation and sales at every stage of the process, starting with developing and supporting tools for our authors, applications for the publishing teams, systems for the warehouse fulfillment teams, and websites and mobile apps that help our customers discover and purchase their next read.


Our Current Focus:

Optimizing hybrid work to improve the employee experience, by seamlessly connecting colleagues in different locations, offering the latest hardware, and providing access to data, documents, and applications from any location on any device.


Elevating our cybersecurity framework with state-of-the-art tools that maximize our operational, application, and network environments, while we continuously strengthen our security strategy, automation, and tactical controls.


Implementing a multi-cloud strategy utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other SaaS-based solutions to ensure flexibility, security, and efficiency. 


Embracing agile methodologies and collaborative teamwork to create and evolve applications and systems that help the publishing business teams react quickly to a changing marketplace.


Using Big Data Analytics to create robust applications and easy-to-navigate and interpret dashboards, that help all facets of the company make smart, data-driven decisions.


Our Team Values...

Meaningful Work Collaboration Teamwork

Why Work with Us?


Innovative Project Work 

As a member of our team, you'll be exposed to our projects involving artificial intelligence, machine learning, accessibility, and automation. We are a culture of entrepreneurship where you are empowered to work on your own passion projects that speak to our department goals.

"The AI and Machine Learning group at PRH is an innovative R&D team. I have had the opportunity to work on Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Forecasting projects with the automony to explore cutting-edge research and original ideas. By working on a small team, I have had the flexibility to choose projects that interest me and improve my skills in many different ML topics."

-- Catherine Weldon, AI & ML Associate


Learning and Development 

Learning and development will be integral parts of your IT experience. We offer access to several leading online learning platforms, as well as curated learning paths paired with regular professional development sessions with your manager. This is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to drive better business performance and advance in your career. 

"The learning culture, various technology training offerings, and PRH IT learning-time allotment is unique in today's technology landscape, and I'm very appreciative." -- Mike Mendoza, Identity & Access Management Sr Manager


Full- or Part-Time Remote Work and Flexible Hours

Dependent on role, you will have flexibility to work from home, and in many cases, adjust your work hours to help suit your lifestyle.

"Remote work and flexible hours have been a real gift to me and my family--I traded my morning commute for walking my daughter to preschool, and am able to step in whenever else I need to support my family. PRH has made the shift to remote work remarkably easy, and it has only had a positive effect on my team, who continue to deliver high-quality work and effectively collaborate." -- Eric Denny, Applications Associate Director


A Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Ours is an environment of working towards equitable practices, open communication, and unbiased support. If you so choose, you will have the opportunity to join our DE&I committee, and participate in projects supporting our DE&I goals.

"I enjoy helping to create impactful forums where employees feel comfortable discussing DE&I topics, contributing to a culture of psychological safety, personal growth, and an inclusive journey of learning." -- Kathy Sandler, Content Applications Sr. Manager


Collaboration with Our Global Team

We develop many tech projects at a global level, and interact with and learn from PRH colleagues in 15+ countries.

"I've had the pleasure of working in coordination with IT, Business Analysts, and Data Scientists across several countries to build the Global Data Hub, an application that combines various types of data from each region so we can share global reporting and application tools. Our motto is - build once, share globally." -- Tom Saal, Applications Sr. Director

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